The removal of the thermoplastic splint is carried out at the surgery between the 6th or the 10th day according to the kind of surgery.
Small bruises are still present under the lower eyelids. The result is immediately and clearly visible, yet it is not the final nose!
Its swelling will gradually go down, it will imperceptibly become slimmer and sculpted for six months or even a year for thicker skins or for people who had already been operated on (secondary rhinoplasties)
Seven days post-operative, removal of the splint
3 months post-operative


In very rare cases of unexpected tissue reactions, small imperfections may appear during the scar process.
- Too much skin shrinkage
- Fibrosis (on very thick skin)
- Cal Bones during the welding of the bones.
These imperfections may require one or more injections of hyaluronic acid that will be performed by a colleague who specializes in this discipline. Exceptionally, a surgical retouch will be performed in the clinic, under general anesthesia, outpatient.
Important : The costs incurred are borne by the patient